Friendship Dangle


  1. Dancers will earn the Friendship Dangle by attending a club dance in each of the six Ohio areas listed with the option of substituting one dance under Rule #2.
  2. Attendance at a State Convention, a State Fair Day dance or a Buckeye Round Dance Council sponsored dance may be substituted for ONE area. Only one substitution is allowed.
  3. Clubs visited must be members of their area federation/council.
  4. To receive credit for your own area you must dance at a club you are NOT a member of or are NOT raiding.
  5. An officer of the club or convention, State Fair dance or Buckeye Round Dance Council sponsored dance must sign your form AT THE DANCE.
  6. The Friendship Dangle Form (PDF) is not transferable.

Friendship Dangles will be ordered twice a year:  March 31st and September 30th
Qualifying forms should be sent no later than one week before these dates.
Please send forms to:

Gordon & Marianne King 


3867 Hassfurt Dr.
Indian Springs, OH 45011.