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  1. Thou shalt book only two tips with thy Partner on Club night, that others may benefit from thy fine personality and great experience.
  2. Thou shalt not book thy tips more than two in advance, for thy club hath Guests that would like to dance with thee.
  3. Thou shalt swing thy partner with gentleness and grace, lest thee cause pain or embarrassment to thy partner or thyself.
  4. Thou shalt wear thy club badge to all club nights and hoedowns, that thy name and thy club shalt be known to all dancers in the land.
  5. Thou shalt strive to dance in different squares, that those with two left hands or less experience shalt benefit from thy talent and thy help.
  6. Thou shalt not get upset when thy square breaketh down, for thy smile, thy patience, and thy leadership shall restore order to thy square.
  7. Thou shalt honor thy caller and harken to his voice, for thy success dependeth greatly on his words. Further, thou shalt not anticipate nor dance ahead of thy caller, for he is of fiendish nature and may deliberately foul thee up and make thee appear an idiot in front of thy fellow dancers.
  8. Thou shalt not partake of strong drink before or during the dance, lest thy mind become befuddled and thee ends up with thy foot in thine own mouth.
  9. Thou shalt bathe diligently before the dance, thereby creating a pleasant aroma for thy partners and leaving the earthly smells to the factory and the barnyard. Thou shalt also take care that the words of thy mouth are not scented with garlic or beer.
  10. Thou shalt strive to observe these commandments, for thy reward shall be great. Many friends shall thee have, and thy name shall be listed among the finest people in the land.